Mind-body routine

Mind-body routine

Inhale/exhales: Step your feet slightly wider than hip width with your toes pointing out. Bend your knees so they are right over your toes and sink down into your hips. As you rise, bring your arms with you so they reach up and take an inhale. As your arms go back down towards your sides, exhale. Do about 4-5 of these to warm up your body.

Down Dog Breaths: Come down onto your hands and knees, with everything hip and shoulder width a part. Curl your toes and lift your hips high to the sky for down dog, look past your belly button to align your neck. Get comfortable and then return to all fours. The next time you push into down dog take a big exhale, releasing negative energy. To advance, try and lower your heels down to the floor while you are in down dog for a bigger stretch. To modify, keep your knees very bent. Do 20 repetitions for 2 sets.

Extended Triangle Pose: Step your feet about 4 to 5 feet a part, a wide stance, and make sure your heels are in line with each other. Turn your right foot so your toes are pointing to the right and keep your left foot grounded, but slightly turned inward.

Get the hand of the leg portion and then lift your arms up from your sides at shoulder height. Drop your right hand down near your right foot and let your left hand glide up. Hold for about 15 seconds for 1 repetition and then switch for a second repetition. Try to do 4 repetitions for 4 sets. To advance, look upward towards your arm that is high and to modify, just work on the leg portion.

Plank Runs: Begin on your hands and knees, everything shoulder and hip width a part. Slowly curl your toes and lift your knees to come into plank. Tuck your core and make sure your bottom is lowered. Bring one knee up towards your nose and then quickly switch so it begins to feel like a running motion. Do 20 repetitions for 3 sets. To modify, slowly bring one knee in and to advance, fasten your pace.

-Eliza S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst